Various Benefits of Bananas for Our Body

Bananas are usually always consumed after a meal, in order to facilitate digestion. But you know that bananas have a property to increase the white blood cells, can replace damaged cells, and produces substances that counteract TNF bad cells. That’s why banana is known as one super food for athletes and health experts. The content of the three natural sugars, sucrose, fructose and glucose as well as fiber gives energy to burn energy for 90 minutes nonstop. Continue reading

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How to Eat Pasta For Better Health

Pasta can be one of the dining options at home is also a special occasion for a family meal . You can also make pasta tastier and healthier , but still simple .

Half a cup of pasta , or about 100 calories , contains less sodium and contain no cholesterol at all . So no wonder if the pasta is one of the ideal food made ??healthy diet . Pasta consumption will only increase energy , satisfy hunger , have a good taste , and can be served with a variety of foods . moreover the addition of the pasta in various menu also will Continue reading

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How to Gain Weight In a Healthy Way

Often the body weight to be a problem, not just weight loss, for some people gain weight is also be something that is difficult and may be a struggle. Although there are many supplements on the market that help increase daily caloric intake, but it has not been proven to be safe and beneficial.
Many of us are having problems in raising the weight. Ideal weight can be Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Pumpkin as Cooking Ingredients


Pumpkin is a very versatile vegetable that can be made into various dishes, even dessert. People around the world plant and cook pumpkins, turning them into soup, stew, pie, cake, mashed or boiled pumpkin, fritters, cookies, taco filling and many more (the only continent that cannot plant and produce pumpkins is Antarctica). Although popular readings usually associate Continue reading

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Eggplant: Rich in Taste, Rich in Health Benefits

If there is a contest for vegetables that are very well known throughout the world for its rich taste and high nutritional value, eggplant would be a good candidate. Eggplant is a species grouped in the same family with tomato and potato, and it yields as high nutritional values as the last two vegetables mentioned. Continue reading

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Why Whole Wheat Pasta is a Better Choice

pastaMany of you probably wonder why healthy eating fans make such a fuss about whole wheat pasta, bread, cereal and such. The truth is, while food items from refined flour do have familiar taste and even lower prices, they can never compete with food from whole wheat flour. Even fortified refined flour products will never have nutritional benefits as many as whole wheat flour products. Basically, whole wheat flour is flour made of grains that still have all of their components such as the germ, bran and endosperm. Evidence of this type of flour making can be seen on Continue reading

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Walnuts: Popular Nuts with Incredible Health Benefits

Walnuts are very popular nuts because they appear almost anywhere: as packed nuts, chocolate filing, cakes and dishes ingredients, garnishes and many more. Their popularity makes it so easy to forget the fact that walnuts are very nutritious food with tons of health benefits and nutritional values. Among other variants of nuts such as peanuts, hazelnuts and almonds, walnuts Continue reading

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Kale, the Best Leafy Vegetable for Healthy Diet

Kale (Brassica oleracea) is one of the leafy vegetable types that are often recommended by nutritionists and diet experts to be put into the menu, and with very good reasons. Not only this type of cabbage has distinctive and delicious taste, but it also has a load of health benefits that makes it perfect as a healthy diet menu or regular daily menu. Kale is mostly cultivated in Europe, Continue reading

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Radishes, Roots of a Thousand Benefits

Radishes might only just another edible roots that become familiar sights at various markets around the world, but many people seem just overlook the fact that these vegetables that come from Brassicaceae family contain numerous nutritional benefits important for maintaining health as well as supporting a healthy diet program. Before we discuss further about Continue reading

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The Importance of Food Safety Labels

Food safety labels are crucially needed to adhere to certain type of food distributed widely to the society. These labels are the symbol and proof that certain kind of food has already passed the quality control and all the required procedures aside from qualifying the requirements from the FDA. There are various different kinds of food safety labels you can use and choose for your Continue reading

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