Walnuts: Popular Nuts with Incredible Health Benefits

Walnuts are very popular nuts because they appear almost anywhere: as packed nuts, chocolate filing, cakes and dishes ingredients, garnishes and many more. Their popularity makes it so easy to forget the fact that walnuts are very nutritious food with tons of health benefits and nutritional values. Among other variants of nuts such as peanuts, hazelnuts and almonds, walnuts are regarded as the ones with highest health benefits for several reasons. Therefore, walnuts are not only good as dish ingredients or snacks, but also as healthy food that can be consumed as often as you like.
Walnuts Nutrition Facts
Even in their small sizes, walnuts are rich in nutritional values. As a popular healthy food, walnuts are praised for their high level of amino acids and antioxidant, even if compared to other nuts such as peanuts and almond. Consuming walnuts in regular basis are very beneficial to increase body immune, help with cell regeneration process and even increasing sperm quality for males. The high protein and fiber in walnuts provide good addition for daily healthy menu as well as diet program, in which walnuts are recommended as healthy and fulfilling snacks (eaten just like that or being crumbled and sprinkled atop yoghurt). Walnuts also contain fat that reaches 65.2 gram per 100 grams of serving, but the fat is regarded as healthy fat that will not block the artery and very important to support various body functions.
Other walnuts nutrition elements that are high in amount include carbohydrate (13.71 per 100 grams of serving), vitamin B6 ((0.537 mg or about 41% from the same serving grams), folic acid (about 25% per 100 grams of serving), manganese (163% of each serving) and magnesium (45%). Therefore, eating walnuts regularly have good impact in energy. This is why walnuts are often recommended to become athlete’s food, because they are good energy supplements. Also, when it comes to diet, walnuts can help obese people to use their fat more effectively, resulting in quicker result of weight loss program.

Finally, walnuts are regarded as one of the best anti aging food, especially when it comes to maintaining cognitive and motor functions. Plus, if an adult often eat high fat meals during his younger years and are in huge risk of getting impaired cognitive and motor functions, eating walnuts regularly in the diet can reduce those effects. Therefore, there are no reasons why you cannot add walnuts to your daily meal regimen.

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